Our Clients

“We strive for a mutual understanding between our customers and us – we listen and care”

Innovative Group has had success with its clients in achieving:

  • Achievement in both Private and Public sector

  • A corporate culture of professionalism and fairness

  • Integrity, respect, trust, diversity, entrepreneurship and teamwork

  • Excellence in Client Service

  • A clear vision, integrity, and a cultural viewpoint

  • A commitment to supporting diversity and multi-cultures

Our experiences cover different sizes of enterprises and several important economic sectors, such as Automotive, Telecommunications, Consumer Goods, Petrochemicals and Engineering. Thanks to our customized services we proudly present you our happy family of clients.

Innovative Group offers its services and the “Know How” to the American government and the Educational Institutions, which assist them in enhancing their performance and in increasing their potential.

Achieving high level of performance requires an approach to Organizational and Personal learning, which means continuous improvements at both levels, therefore as we serve our clients we aim to work effectively and efficiently in order to make a difference in their lives and the life of the organizations which they serve.
  1. Telecommunication
    1. Vodafone
    2. Alcatel
    3. ZAIN Worldwide
    4. Etisalat Dubai

  2. Insurance
    1. Allianz
    2. ARIG of Bahrain

  3. Petroleum
    1. Shell Oil Industries

  4. Express industry
    1. DHL Worldwide
    2. American Express

  5. Nutrition
    1. Nestle
    2. TGI Friday’s
    3. Chili’s
    4. McDonald, Inc.
    5. The Heinz Company


  1. Automotive
    1. Caterpillar
    2. General Motors

  2. Education & Training
    1. The Florida State University
    2. Florida International University
    3. Florida Atlantic University
    4. Pasco-Hernando Community College
    5. Lake City Community College
    6. Palm Beach Community College

  3. Transportation
    1. Florida Department of Transportation
    2. Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise

  4. Government Entities
    1. Florida Department of Children & Families
    2. Florida Department of Education
    3. Institute of Government
    4. South Florida Water Management District